Sea of Dreams

adventure day 3

The Crew of the Witch Hunter

We arrive outside the capitol city, you are immediately struck by the stone fortifications surrounding the city-proper. They stand at least 40 feet tall in places and have arched tunnels leading through at even intervals. Towering over the city is a delicate looking glass spire, from which the city gets its name (Glassmount), almost looking like a bit of broken window magnified to be ten stories tall.The city itself is not overly large, and we estimate it only has about 15,000 people. Outside the gate is a small market of mostly temporary stalls. Glassmount is NOT a port city, for this reason we notice several caravans traveling the various roads in and out of the city. As we approach the gates we notice the vendors of the bazaar are (mostly) not human

maella produced papers and we got in without troubles. Padrig steps out from the shadows and has been waiting for us. Fight Ensues. Padrig got defeated after a long fight! and his body was dragged away then the cavalry came . The cavalry was led by Earl Sigmund of Devonshire. We went to get cleaned up.We then spoke with the king and got our reward.

We returned to the ship and found the lich cooking outside. it takes months to get it all out ad repaired. We headed to sheresport in order to refuel , cargo up , and then head to the dwarven groupp we got a card long ago , in Vazocan. we got stopped as we refuelled and were asked for help. We were asked to retrieve or blow up a family ship that was taken over by pirates. it’s just a merchant ship that was last seen in blackened bay. We got removed from the port and banned due to threatening him and got told to leave because the man ended up being the mayor of the town. So we decided to be off to Vazocan and the dwarves!

We have been asked to find out how to stop the disappearances that are going on in the Mythril minds by the natives. we must succeed first among a gathering of mercenaries in exchange for gems and fuel. We beat the other mercenaries to the mines easily with our superior ship. We found demons and began to explore the area involved.



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