Sea of Dreams

Day 1 of the adventure

The Crew of the Witch Hunter

Norbit and Kanenas started off in Sheresport (sheh-res-port) Sheresport is a fairly smallish city with a huge bridge crossing hte mouth of the harbor (it’s big enough that ships sail under it without raising sections like a drawbridge) the bridge also functions as a coastal fortress for the Kingdom of Avall. Avall is primarily human, though other races are not uncommon, as it does vigorous trade with the other races… not to mention the significant halfling population within its own borders. We headed to a tavern and met Padrig of Dol’s Peak along with learning of a company that a dwarf left a card for the card just says “Scarlet Dawn, Militant solutions” on the back it says “Planet Vazocan” and has some coordinates. "

We learned from Padrig that his sister was delivering a message nearby and has been missing for 3 days. We struck a deal with him that we will find her and take her to deliver her message in exchange for a political favor later on but he gets to decide if it’s to be accepted by us warning him ahead of time.

He points to a valley near the city “She had arrived in Sheresport and met her escort. His body was discovered in a shallow grave near the road through this valley. The area is known for bandits, but bandits are not well known for hiding the bodies after they’ve robbed them.”

got stopped by a bandit that was taking care of some kids , took damage brought him pretty close to death and ended up finally having them run.

We then stopped at a rest stop and talked to a guy with a caravan. We ate with them and helped them work .We spent the evening with them and hunted with them in the morning and returned the leader of the caravan to the group injured and patched him up but the damage we did to the boar and four blink dogs were a bad omen to the folk so we left.

“Here, take some of the boar meat with you. It’s the least we can do. And if you’re ever in Vodacce, you’ll visit us. We will make this up to you. I am sorry.” she hands you a wrapped bundle of boar bacon and walks back to her wagon (with Elliot inside) she climbs up and with a twitch sets the horses moving

and the caravan starts scrambling to finish preparations and get on the way behind her

We found a secret trail that had a blood trail and then followed it to a wagon that had a fancy unopenable chest. we then followed the tracks leading from it to a camp of 20 men and Norbit tried to talk his way in by pretending to be lost.. we ran away and tried again the next day. After H33 got captured as he doesn’t run away as well as us. We return get our H33 back talk to the sister ( Maella ) find out that there is more to the story javelins rain down.. Kane, you also notice the talisman around the girl’s neck is the grey circle with mountain, further you see that Padrig has an amulet as well, but its image is nto the same… you can’t make it out at this distance (despite your nat 20) but it’s the wrong colors
Maella (I think that was her name?): “Padrig the traitor, come with his dek word roughly translating to carrion eater allies with him, SOMEBODY GET ME A SWORD!!”

The men hold a line and we became body guards to the lady. She requests her weapon and gear saying that Padrig and the carrion eaters are too good and will tear through the men. We agree to get her gear and take ehr to her destination in exchange for her owing us "Everything " . We ran for miles and miles and eventually reached a marsh area and entered it.

We ran into the kids in a canoe from before and they offered to help in exchange for h33’s healing of the bandit , which we accepted because the Dek were coming through the trees. They tell us of a hidden canoe and instructs us to follow them .by the time Padrig and his men reach the water you are hidden from view by the tall reeds and you quickly understand why the girl said you’d be lost forever.. there are winding narrow passages through the grass winding and intersecting one another at seemingly random intervals… after about an hour the kids slow down and you notice WHY… a hippo is slowly swimming through the grass ahead of you, clearing a new path We allowed them the use of h33ly. so anyway, you paddle along with the kids for most of the rest of the day, until you notice the grassy marshes start giving way to mangrove trees as the sun sets.

We got pulled into Mama Brophy’s by the kids. We unload at the estate. 11 yo child’s name is Meg .. Stayed the night in the garden. in the morning the bandit ask us for help :
“It seems our little Meg has rather taken a shine to you kind folk. She’d like me to ask a favor of you. I can’t say I’m inclined to do it, but I’m sure I’m in no condition to argue, either, so here goes: Sirs, Lady, would you be so kind as to go into town and buy supplies for us? We’ll pay, of course, but we’re known in town and most places won’t sell to us. Makes it difficult to get the things we need.”
“Meg has a list here…” he puts his hand out and Meg gives him a small scroll" We agreed and Maella decided to help pay for it and but she can not hear of them stealing ever again. She asked us to deliver , we said no and she arranged it with the children instead.



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