Sea of Dreams

Day 2 of the adventureness

The Crew of the Witch Hunter

We started our day at the wonderful Orphanage in the bayou called Mama Brophys Home for abandoned children. We start off by following the kids out of the area towards the capital! We got lost the children in the thick fog and end up in a clearing. In that clearing we found a ship crashed and also realized there was a reduction in bird noises which was very peculiar. We decided to go to land and foundundead bodies some of them seem to be wearing some kind of uniform, we noticed that it has a mission patch of a Coalition group ( the coalition disbanded centuries ago, and was originally formed to confront the threat of elven expansion… the Coalition suffered a TREMENDOUS defeat at the hands of the Elven Navy and never really recovered… which is what caused it to disband) We begin our fight with the undead. After a long fight we finally defeated them and found a guy in the pilot’s seat of the derelict ship! We took a short rest to heal, and dig it out. Kane then goes in to scout it out.

Kane finds a female tiefling within that is surrounded by a film which he cuts and she sits up and breathes deeply. We have met the Tiefling named Nemeia. She realized that all but her life support systems on the ship are down. We get the tiefling out from the damaged ship and begin looking for methods to repair it.

We continue heading towards the capital in the canoes hoping to get a engineer and a crew to help get our ship running ( of course paid for by the princess) . we end up lost and decide to go around the grass and stop on a island and watch for the circling birds. and begin attacking them.we defeated them and spent the evening in their nest.

In the morning we headed out again. we stop at a half drowned ruin of a church. we rest the evening there. During watch Norbit notices the group members having dreams and then a strange light and finds himself waist deep in mucky water and hears some chants. The rest of the group wake to find that Norbit is gone along with the canoe, so the tracking began. Meanwhile… Norbit approaches a draconic ritual. … He is hailed as a light bringer and are soon approached by some crocodiles that then become 2 legged and threaten the halflings so Norbit takes their side and protects them. A fight ensues! Norbit get’s heated up by one of the lizard-men and decides to hug the lizard to share the pain. The lizard died not soon later during the hug! The other hides and waits for reinforcements underwater ! The reinforcements come and the halflings get taken . and battle ensues. Norbit gets heated up again and as a last ditch effort sends a ray of frost out and the spell was disrupted and he cools off. The battle ends but the rest of the fit to sell halflings are already gone. The team decides to , wade back to the temple where they find one of the lizard shamans waiting and asks for Norbit in exchange for H33’s life , norbit denys it and a fight ensues. and ends rather quickly.

They rest and recover overnight at the camp again! and spend multiple days actually making a raft that is run by norbit! And then head towards the capital.about 10 days in we run into a village, we rest there. We get taken to the local Tavern and talk to a woman named Varley. We eat there and decide to stay in Shaw’s loft.



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