Sea of Dreams

Day 4 Adventure

The Crew of the Witch Hunter

We are continuing on our way into the Demon Filled mine for the source of the disturbance int he mining project and disappearances. We fought a Frog Demon that was in combat with a set of human well trained mercenaries. We find a pit and take the lift down to the 1st landing. The blood hunter and warlock stayed up top at the lift and met with another mercenary group.We found a group of rat people that spoke with Kane and told us of the evil in the depths that were summoned by the miners. They go away and the mercenaries finally start catching up. We find a service elevator and start going down. we encounter a odd demonic flying creature right after our tiefling is KO’d we fight and a ape enemy appears. The battle is completed and the tiefling is awoken . The day was completed! We find a lab that has a angel , Ithurial , on it and Kane recognized her and she recognized Kane, there was a crazy human controlling a machine and the dwarven researcher locked up nearby.Eldanath is in the human’s body. We except Kane are told to destroy the machine by the angel. Eldanath is destroyed in a holy light! and Kane is offered a repentance to release his Human shell . kane is sealed in a amber amulet. and his human shell is killed in the process and Ithurial leaves.



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