Possessed High Elf Blood Hunter


Random info about Kane:

  • He left Zariel in charge of the first level of hell in his absence. Zariel is one of Kane’s most trusted duchesses and is also a fallen angel.
  • He hates undead. Kane thinks life and death represent a sort of natural order of the universe. Undeath is unnatural and upsets this balance.
  • He is FAST. In his true form, Kane possesses supernatural speed. He lacks raw health and damage but he’s difficult to pin down and he attacks often.

Kanenas the fallen, Archduke of the first level of hell. Eons ago, he was an angel created by Heironeous. His divine purpose was the extermination of everything evil. Through constant combat with evildoers, Kanenas became quite powerful. It was his power that lead him to become prideful and overconfident and ultimately lead to his downfall. He decided, against his god’s will, to try to take down the lords of hell by himself. Kanenas managed to defeat the previous Archduke of the first level of hell, but he was gravely wounded in the fight. Asmodeus, the supreme ruler of hell, appeared before him and offered him a choice. He could die in the pits of hell or he could pledge loyalty to Asmodeus and become as powerful as a god. Kanenas succumbed to the tempation of the dark lord’s promises of power and accepted his proposal. Asmodeus had Kanenas drink his blood, which turned him into an Archdevil. Asmodeus named Kanenas the new ruler of the first level of hell and he continues to hold the title to this day. Kanenas is currently possessing the body of a high elf blood hunter by the name of Richter. He’s basically using Richter’s body to be on vacation in the material plane, causing trouble to anyone unlucky enough to cross his path.


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