Physical Description: Dek are as tall as humans and slightly heavier, due to their musculature. They have coarse dark body hair, and often have green or reddish tint to their skin. They have strong jaws and thick skulls that support their horns. The horns, themselves, vary in appearance, anything from a gazelle’s antlers to a ram’s or bull’s horns.
Ability Score Increase: Str+2, con+1
Age: Dek age slightly faster than humans, reaching adulthood at age 14. They age noticeably faster and rarely live longer than 75 years.
Alignment: Dek culture teaches a strict code of honor, and unless a Dek has been outcast in some way, they are almost exclusively lawful. They have no racial or cultural tendency toward either good or evil.
Size: Medium, Dek are tall and brawny
Speed: 30 feet
Darkvision: 60 ft
Warrior-Culture: prof in weapon or artisan tool of your choice
Relentless Endurance: when reduced to 0 hp and not killed outright, you can drop to 1 HP instead. You can’t use this feature again until you finish a long rest.
Savage Attacks: When you score a crit hit with a melee weapon attack, you can roll one of the weapon’s damage dice one additional time and add it to the extra damage of the crit.
Gore: Dek can use the horns on their heads for a devastating attack dealing 1d12+str. Dek culture finds this kind of attack to be cowardly and only to be used as an absolute last resort and only to protect others. Misuse of this attack may, in fact result in the individual Dek being banished with dishonor.
Languages: Common, Dek
Homeworld: The Dek homeworld is called “Dekkii” and has a figure 8 style orbit around a binary system. One of its stars is a red giant, the other is a black hole. This rough and unforgiving star system is home to many brutal predators, with whom the Dek compete merely for survival. In Winter, Dekkii is not visible to the naked eye, as the black hole absorbs any light which may have reflected off of it. Thus the planet seems to disappear for fully half the year.
Culture: The Dek are hardy and warlike, coming from a stark world, they have become Spartan in their lives as well. They value function over form, and are often thought to be gruff or harsh.

The Dek live in tightly knit clans, whose heads owe allegiance to the Emperor. However, some thousand years ago the Emperor and his entire Armada disappeared. As a result the Dek have been fragmented and only pay token homage to the Emperor as each clan vies for supremacy. This has also led to a sort of shadow war between the clans as each attempts to gain advantage over the other without setting off an actual armed conflict.


The Dek religion is a basic duality. The sister gods Hikari and Yami created the Dek and provide them with life as well as adversity the Dek are expected to overcome.

The Goddess of Light and the name of their sun. Hikari is viewed as a protective and renewing entity. She is commonly associated with light, protection and life. Hikari’s holy symbol is a solar disk in front of a (smaller and offset) black solar disk.

The Goddess of Darkness and the name of the black hole that is the second part of the Dek binary system. Yami is a destructive entity, but she is not associated with evil as such. She is associated with darkness, destruction, warfare and death. Yami’s holy symbol is a black solar disk in front of a (smaller and offset) white solar disk.

The Dek do recognize several of their ancestral heroes as minor deities as well. A dek often hopes to join their honored ancestors in the afterlife and Dek funeral rites involve sending the warrior’s body to Yami for judgement. Dek also respect the balance between their primary deities. A common saying when things go badly among the Dek is “One can’t see the light without some shadow.”

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