Devil Code of Conduct

Since one of the main characters of this campaign is the Archduke of the 1st level of hell (Kanenas), I thought it would be beneficial to list out the rules devils live by. Note: This isn’t an official code of conduct for devils. I’m just making this up to add some extra flavor to the campaign.

1) All devils report to Asmodeus, Archduke of the 9th level of hell. His word is law.
2) Devils may not lie. They are however, allowed to phrase things such that they do not reveal the entire truth.
3) Devils may not kill without reason. In other words, they can’t kill someone simply because they want to.

Devils love making deals with mortals. They often phrase the terms of these contracts such that they have an unexpected negative outcome for the mortal. A deal with a devil follows these rules:

I) If a devil makes an offer (either verbally or in writing) and a mortal willingly accepts it, a contract is made between the two parties.
II) If the mortal fails to hold up their end of the bargain, ownership of their soul is given to the devil. If the devil fails to hold up their end of the bargain, the devil shall become a servant to the mortal until the mortal dies.
III) Once a contract is made, it may only be broken if one of the following occur: A) Both parties agree to end the contract. B) The mortal gains immortality. C) The mortal dies before the devil completes its end of the bargain.

Devil Code of Conduct

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