Dwarves are renowned for their engineering and construction skills. Their world was long ago mined out, and though it remains inhabited by large dwarven settlements, they import all their resources. To this end dwarven Hammerships fiercely protect convoys and massive floating fortresses protect way stations in the Lanes. These fortresses are capable of traveling the Lanes, but at 1/10 the speed of normal Spelljammers due to their massive size. This is why the Hammerships make up the bulk of the Dwarven Navy.

Other Races

Dwarves get along well with most other races, having been forced to deal with them for resources, but relations with the elves are the most strained, since elves do not allow their resources to be utilized on the scale the dwarves require. There is a great deal of tension between dwarven clans and elven tribes when they are in proximity to one another. Dwarves have the highest regard for the Dek, who follow similar honor codes and come from a similarly desolate world, but due to both races being fairly territorial, conflicts are not unheard of.

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