Mundane items

Airsuit – Cost varies by size (Small 100 GP, Medium 200 GP, Large 300 GP)
Airsuit Filter – 50 GP

Ship’s Weapons

Light Ballista – 250 GP
Heavy Ballista – 500 GP
Catapult – 300 GP
Trebuchet – 750 GP
Special Munitions – Cost varies by type

Magical Items

Gadabout – wondrous item (uncommon)
Arcane Gun – weapon (ship) (rare)
Arcanus Rounds – 5 GP per bullet
Communication Nexus – wondrous item (very rare) (requires attunement to a ship)


Most races have their own variation of Spelljammer helms, but regardless of who made the Helm it invariably falls into one of the following price/power categories.

SpellJammer Helms require a magic using pilot in order to navigate the Lanes, however, their other functions continue whether there is a pilot at the helm or not.
Minor Helm – 20,000 GP
Major Helm – 50,000 GP

Lifejammer Helms are similar to Spelljammer helms in most ways, however, while a Spelljammer Helm requires a magic using pilot within the Lanes a Lifejammer only requires a living creature to draw energy from. Evil races often use slaves and captives to power their Lifejammers, while many businessmen employ LIfejammers as a means of cutting costs, requiring pilots to rotate shifts.
Minor Lifejammer – 15,000 GP
Major Lifejammer – 35,000 GP


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