It is said that Humans once had an Empire that spanned the stars. That their empire was so mighty it required the combined might of all the other races and several that were wiped out in the conflict to check their aggressive expansion. Nobody knows for sure, but there are ruins scattered all over the galaxy showing human-looking people. Ancient Human theorists are largely scorned, though, since humans only recently gained Jammertech and, along with halflings, started exploring the stars.

You may choose to play a standard human, as presented from the 5e Player’s Handbook, or you may use the following subrace:

Grafted: Advantage vs poisoned, sleep, paralysis, charm, fear, and disease effects. In addition, the location of the prosthesis provides other benefits as outlined below. Each individual can only have one prosthesis.

Cranial implant: advantage on int checks, you know 1 cantrip of your choice from the wizard spell-list, you have advantage on your first saving throw against a spell

Prosthetic Leg: advantage on str checks, advantage vs push, pull and effects that cause prone, disadvantage on stealth checks

Prosthetic Arm: advantage on dex checks, advantage on grapple and unarmed strikes

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