Nobody knows if they’re related to gnomes or halflings, this problem is further compounded by the fact that some kender have gnomish traits while others have halfling traits.

Kender are short (roughly four feet tall) with pointed ears and fine features. They have large bright eyes and an innocent inquisitive nature.

Kleptomania Kender have no concept of personal belongings. As a result they often explore things they find interesting. Those things will often find their way into the Kender’s pouch. Kender do not steal these items and being accused of theft is always extremely insulting to a Kender. Instead, a Kender merely finds an item and carries it, or borrows the item. They often respond with “Well it’s a good thing I found it for you” if they’re accused of having an item in their possession. In game terms, this means that at any given time a Kender might have, on their person, virtually any item required by the group. The Kender can make a d20 intelligence (investigation) check to search their pouches, the exact item in question is always a DC 20+ and the closer the result is to the target DC the closer the item found comes to serving the function in question.

Wide-eyed Innocence Despite the fact that Kender often have items reported stolen on their person, they are rarely charged with any crime, since they appear so innocent and childlike. The Kender also have very little fear as a result of this innocence. They are immune to fear effects, however they DO feel fear for the harm of others. Being fearless does not mean they are foolish. They are aware of danger, but their innocence means they do not feel the same terror of other races.

Wanderlust Upon reaching adulthood the Kender are overcome by the need to travel. To wander and see the world. They can not remain in one place for very long.



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