The Arcane

The Arcane are Helm experts. It is said that they created the first helms and were the exclusive manufacturers thereof. However, as the other races grew and some began studying the mysterious devices they were able to replicate many of the effects. Even then, the helms sold by The Arcane were of superior quality and reliability. These days one can expect to find a member of this mysterious race at any major port, selling, repairing and refitting helms.

The Arcane are quite massive individuals, standing at over twelve feet tall, but they disdain violence tremendously and avoid it at virtually any cost. They have a host of abilities that aid them to this end, including invisibility at will, and the considerable threat that if they are attacked or accosted in any way; The Arcane will no longer repair your helm or sell to you. They may not have a monopoly, but they still control the vast majority of the helm market.

It is rumored that The Arcane acquisition of wealth might have something to do with their mating or breeding rituals, but as nobody has ever seen one of their children, it is unknown what role this might take.


The Arcane

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