Wis and Dex

Hit Dice: d8
HP at first level: 8+con mod
HP after first level: 1d8 (or 5) +con mod


Armor: none
Weapons: Simple
Tools: Artisans tools (alchemist kit), Herbalist’s Kit
Saving Throws: Wis and Dex
Skills: Choose two from: Arcana, Deception, Insight, Medicine, Nature, Perception


You start with the following equipment in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • A light crossbow and 20 bolts, or (b) Any simple weapon
  • A scholar’s pack or (b) a dungeoneer’s pack
  • An Athame (a ritual dagger or crystal tipped wand used as an arcane focus for a witch’s spells and invocations)
  • A spellbook

Level 1 – Witchcraft, Spellcasting
Level 2 – Arcane Essence, Witch’s Curse
Level 3 – Witch’s specialty (Fortune Teller, Hedge Witch, Enchanter)
Level 4 – Ability Score Improvement
Level 5 –
Level 6 – Witchcraft ability
Level 7 -
Level 8 – Ability Score Improvement
Level 9 –
Level 10 – Witchcraft Ability
Level 11 –
Level 12 – Ability Score Improvement
Level 13 –
Level 14 – Witchcraft Ability
Level 15 -
Level 16 – Ability Score Improvement
Level 17 –
Level 18 –
Level 19 – Ability Score improvement
Level 20 – Essence recovery

At level 1 a witch chooses to specialize in a certain kind of witchcraft, you must choose between Potion Maker, Hexer, Witch Blade, and Enchanter. You will gain further abilities from this choice as you level up.

You have a spellbook containing your spells.
You know 2 cantrips from the Witch Spell List. You learn a third cantrip at level 4 and a fourth at level ten. Additionally you begin with six first level Witch Spells in your spellbook.

Wisdom is your spellcasting ability, Witch spells rely more on instinct and intent than on actual arcane formula, the spells listed in the book are often mistaken as recipes for potions but act as reminders or ways to help focus the witch’s thoughts on the specific outcome they desire from the spell.

Save DC: 8 + Wisdom Modifier +proficiency
Spell Attack modifier: Your proficiency bonus + your wisdom modifier

Ritual Casting: You can cast a witch spell as a ritual if it has the ritual tag and you have the spell in your spellbook. You do not need to have the spell prepared.

Spellcasting focus: A witch uses her Athame as an arcane focus for her spells.

Learning new spells: Each time you gain a level in Witch you may add two new spells to your spellbook. These spells must be of a level you can cast. On your adventures you may find other spells you can add to your spellbook (see spellbook sidebar in Player’s Handbook page 114)


Arcane Essence
At level 2 a witch has a wellspring of arcane energy, which she refers to as “Essence” She may use her Essence to power her curses or the abilities of her Witchcraft specialty. A witch has Arcane Essence equal to her level. This pool of Essence recharges fully after a long rest.

Witch’s Curse
At level 2 a witch gains the ability to channel their Arcane Essence into misfortune for those around them. Using a curse is usually a bonus action (unless specified in the curse description) and a Witch may have as many curses operating at a single time as she can spend Essence on. A witch begins with two curses of her choice, then as she gains levels a witch gains additional curses as shown below:

Level 2 – 2
Level 5 – 3
Level 7 – 4
Level 9 – 5
Level 12 – 6
Level 15 – 7
Level 18 – 8

Witch’s Specialty
At level 3 a witch chooses to specialize what kind of magical energy she uses. You must choose between Hedge Witch and Fortune Teller

Essence Recovery
At level 20 a witch has mastered her use of Arcane Essence and can call up additional reserves of essence. You regain 4 expended Essence every time you finish a short rest.


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