Witch Blade

Level 1
Arcane Health: You gain 2 extra Hit points, additionally, you gain 2 extra hit points every time you gain a level.
Bonus Proficiencies: You are proficient with light armor.
Arcane Warrior: When you take an attack action you may spend 2 Essence to make another weapon attack as a bonus action.

Level 6
Arcane Wrath: When you hit a target with a weapon attack you may spend Essence to increase the damage dealt. You may spend a number of Essence up to your wisdom modifier, and each essence you spend adds an additional 1d4 damage. At level 12 the extra damage increases to 2d4 and at level 18 it increases to 3d4.

Level 10
Twist Fate: You may spend 5 Essence to reroll a missed attack, or to force the DM to reroll an attack that hit you.

Level 14
Fallen Allies: Any time you kill a creature you may spend 3 essence to bring it back to life as a zombie under your control. Creatures raised this way function for a number of minutes equal to your wisdom modifier and act on your initiative in combat.

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Witch Blade

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